A next generation creative content agency

About us.

We love people. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you come together with like-minded creative people to bring something new into the world. Think of us as your friends, your compatriots, and the big guns you need to impress your peers and deliver some pretty incredible results. We want to make you look great.

We are especially adept at creating branded content and other forms of story driven media, and we’ve been doing this in the commercial world for the past decade. Challenge us to figure out how to do the impossible, and we’ll break some new ground together.


How we do it.

Agile and fluid

We take pride in keeping ourselves small. This allows us to maintain little overhead and those savings are passed on to you. We're also able to more quickly adapt to changing technologies and can turn on a dime to take on a variety of different project types. Nothing is too big or too small for us to handle.


the best of the best

That product visualization specialist in Germany, that mind-blowing character designer in Brazil, that insane particle guru in Russia? We got 'em. We are uniquely set up to work with the best artists from around the world, and bring just the right ones to your project. With our creative leads based in New York, we'll work closely with our entire network of world class artists to give you work you'll be proud to share. 


We deliver

We have a proven track record of delivering award winning work, on time and on budget. Shoot us an email and watch as your company makes money while you sleep.


Who we are

Headed by award-winning Creative Director Anthony Furlong, our studio brings together the best artists, writers, designers and storytellers to fill your stories with life. Every project is special to us, and we constantly strive towards making each our best. We’re brimming with ideas and are experts in discovering new ones.

Won some Medical Marketing & Media Awards in 2016
Won an Emmy in 2014
Won some Promax awards, 2014
Shots Evolution NY New Director's showcase, 2013
Gold, Creativity Awards, 2011
Motionographer "Cream of the Crop," 2008